PS4 sells over 250,000 units in UK, becomes the fastest-selling video game console in history

During the first 48 hours of the PS4 being on-sale in the UK, the console shifted over 250,000 units. Sony sold around 66% more consoles in the UK than Microsoft did with Xbox One, which only managed to sell around 150,000 units, MCV Reports. With both consoles combined, the current-gen consoles now enjoy an install base of around 600k units in the UK. Revenue brought in by PS4 sales in the UK in the first 48 hours are estimated to be around £87m by MCV.

The tremendous performance by PS4 has also led it to become the fastest-selling video game console in history in the UK, surpassing Xbox One to the crown. The holder of the title was originally the PSP, with the portable console selling aorund 185,000 at release when it launched in 2005.

Although no official sales figures have been announced by Sony, Gfk Chart-Track, as well as various Retail sources, confirmed to MCV that the PS4 has indeed sold more consoles than Xbox One and became the fastest selling video game console in UK history.


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