PS4 receives higher retail web traffic than its rival Xbox One

PlayStation 4 has received more online web traffic across five leading retail websites in the UK than Microsoft’s Xbox One. The data comes from, which analyses website activity. The five retailers who’s traffic was analyzed were GAME, Zavvi, Argos, Asda and Tesco. Despite not being too far ahead on sites such as GAME, Argos and Tesco, Sony’s PlayStation 4 received almost twice as much traffic on Asda and Zavvi.

It’s not a surprise at all to see that more visitors were interested in PlayStation 4 than Xbox One, especially considering the popularity of Sony’s next-gen console, helped in part by being a fair bit cheaper than Xbox One. Google also shows that overall in both November and December, PS4 received more searches than Xbox One did.

Below are the statistics;

PS4 – 12%
Xbox One – 11%

PS4 – 8.6%
Xbox One – 3.2%

PS4 – 1.2%
Xbox One – 0.9%

PS4 – 0.3%
Xbox One – 0.2%

PS4 – 1.1%
Xbox One – 0.6%


Source: *MCV,