PS4 Network Connection Issues After Midnight Launch

After its launch at midnight sharp, people were swarming to any store holding the event in order to get their hands on a new Playstation 4. Sadly, as good as a launch may be, it always does come with its inevitable hick-ups and server issues (Diablo 3 is one of those sore spots).  This was the case for PS4 and the millions of people in North America that went out to grab their pre-ordered systems, or pray that one still be in stock for the none pre-emptive types.

It seems that Sony is reporting back that some people are getting an error message when trying to connect to the Playstation Network. Error codes being reported are these in particular: E-80E80034 and NW-31453-6. Sony has issued a statement asking people to be a little more patient, explaining that due to the amount of high traffic on the network is why connection failures are occurring.

Hopefully this is just a small blip in an otherwise illustrious journey for the new system, but it has not stopped gamers from being agitated by the situation. Sony fans have taken to Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media avenues in order to vent their frustration, but are the complaints and quick judgement of the launch of a next-gen system unfair? Or do you think that Sony had the time to work these bugs out, but ultimately decided to pull a Microsoft on us? Comment below and let your humble staff at JumpToGamer hear your feedback on the misfortunate launch for the PS4.