Project Spark Beta Released on Xbox One

Today has been unveiled to be the release for a Global Project Spark Beta on the Xbox One.

Microsoft have today announced that the Project Spark Beta has now been extended onto the Xbox One platform, expanding it’s reach from the Windows 8.1 platform. Since the Project Spark Beta was released on Windows 8.1 in December 2013, Microsoft claim that 250,000 fans have signed up to the program to create some of their own games within the game, or just experience the games that other have created. Users that have access to the 8.1 program will also have access to the Xbox One program.

Project Spark has cross-platform capabilities, and Microsoft promise that through “the Power of Cloud-Saving”, creators can build a game on a Windows 8.1 device, then pick up a controller and continue to play the game on the Xbox One, and vice-versa. Project Spark has shown a lot of promise with what we’ve seen so far, with one user actually managing to recreate the introduction to Fable in the software, whilst another has managed to create the fundamentals of Minecraft in the game.

To sign up for the Project Spark Beta, visit