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​​Whenever you register on our site or sign up to our newsletter we collect data from you. Such data includes email addresses and your name which are required to complete the sign up process. This of course isn’t required if you wish to remain hidden when visiting our site by not signing up to any of the offered services.

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The information we collect from you, such as an email address are used to send out newsletters and other featured content which we feel may be of value to you. We will also use any information provided by us to you when responding to any queries or issues arisen by you to us.

Our Cookies

We use non-important cookies which enables sites and service providers to recognize your browser and remember certain information​ such as log in details when “remain logged in” is ticked by you for example.

Our cookies enable us to keep track of Advertisement data when using Google Adsense, as well allowing us to analyse our site traffic and participation within our site. Third parties such as Google Analytics may collect this data on our behalf, however they are not permitted to share such data with any other third party apart from ourselves.


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From time to time, we may link to external websites and sources from our site. We are not responsible for the content shown and the accuracy of data on third party sites. You agree to visit these sites at your own risk, however we do try our best to ensure that all third party links are safe for you to visit and improve your experience. All other sites operate their own Privacy Policy which may involve the collection of data and the storing of cookies and we can not be held responsible, or are liable for this.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We hold the right to change our privacy policy at any time. However any changes will be updated on this page.


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