Possible Bully 2 release following trademark filing?

Bully, one of Rockstar’s most loved games, could be a step closer to seeing a sequel after Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, filed a new trademark with the European Union trademarks and designs office for the emblem of Bully’s school, Bullworth Academy. The fact that the emblem is being trademarked would indicate that Rockstar still has plans for the Bully game at some point.

The trademark was taken out on 20th November, with the emblem featuring Bully Bullworth Academy: Canis Canem Edit. For those who are wondering, “Canis Canem Edit” means Latin for “dog eat dog”.

If you’re interested in seeing the trademark for yourself, check out the link here. (Selecting Trademark name as “Bully” and owner as “Take-Two” will take you to the results page, with the first one being the trademark in question).

Rockstar had told fans to stay tuned for news about the future of Bully and Red Dead Redemption, so hopefully an announcement regarding their future isn’t too far away considering this recent move from Take-Two.


Sources: *JunkieMonkeys