Pokemon Bank launches December 27

Did you ever have the need to store around 3,000 pokémon in your boxes? Do you want to transfer your Pokémon Black and White pokémon to Pokémon X and Y? Are you simply a hoarder of all sorts of pocket monsters? Well, you’re in luck.

Come December 27, Nintendo will be launching their 30-day free trial for their Pokémon Bank service. For avid Pokémon players, this service allows trainers to store up to 3,000 pokémon in 100 private boxes, transfer pokémon from multiple copies of X and Y, and transfer pokémon from Black and White to X and Y.

Although the first 30 days are free, the service will initially cost $4.99 for a whole year, which is an extremely low price for those who truly can’t get enough Pokémon in their life. The service will be available via the 3DS eShop, so when December 27 comes around, why not make your New Years resolution to organize those messy boxes of pokémon?