Playstation 4 Arriving In Japan Next Year

At the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan press conference earlier this week, Sony announced that the Playstation 4 won’t be hitting the shelves in Japan until February 22nd, 2014. That’s around three months later after both the North American and European releases of the console, which leaves the thought of the whole decision a bit perplexing.

IGN clarified with Sony however that the reason for the choice of date was due to the fact that Sony has up to now focused primarily on developing content for their Western gamers. They wanted to ensure that a healthy lineup of top-tier games would be available from the console release date, which makes perfect sense. On that note, Sony wants to put forth the same effort for Japanese players and make sure that they also have plenty to enjoy on the new console. So to make that happen, they need a few more months time to polish up Japan’s Day One lineup.

The Playstation 4 will cost ¥39,980 ($401) in Japan, and pre-orders there will start on October 5th. A “Limited Pack” edition of consoles, which will include a console, controller, a download voucher for Knack and one year warranty, will also be on sale for the same price at launch. A bundle including the PS4 Eye camera will be on sale for ¥43,980 ($442).