The Pipe Bomb #9: The Sarkeesian Revolution

“Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich bitch.” -Average male chauvinistic online gamer

If you’re like this, I’ve got some bad news. While females in games and the game industry are a rare gem to find, the gems end up turning around and want nothing to do with video games again. Now why are female gamers a rarity? While most women wouldn’t come within 10 feet of a PlayStation or XBox, there are some women that are hardcore gamers and most likely, can “pwn” you in an online match 9 times out of 10.

If you’re a female gamer and have heard that above phrase more than once, you’re as disgusted as I am right now. While I may not be a hardcore feminist, I do believe in equal rights for everyone, including women, because without Eve, there would be no Adam. So for all female gamers who may feel voiceless, I’m on your side here and ready to take down the chauvinistic stereotype male gamers who think just because you have a pair of tits and play video games, that warrants them the right to harass you.

Now, who is Anita Sarkeesian?

Most may not know, but to us gamers, she made headlines for taking on the battle against online harassment of females. Sarkeesian kickstarted a project that examined gender tropes in video games. Her $6,000 requirement was met in 24 hours.

Sarkeesian was the target of online abuse including DDOS attacks on her website, rape threats on Twitter, and being sent images of herself being raped by various video game characters, reported on by Helen Lewis of The New Statesman/NY Times.

Sarkeesian isn’t the only female in the video game industry to be attacked.

Female game developer Zoe Quinn was harassed by various men when she put her game “Depression Quest” on Project Greenlight on Steam. She was harassed to the point where she had to change her phone number and received sexist remarks just because she was a female game developer.

Now why am I raising awareness of sexist harassment to female gamers when it should be obvious? It’s because some male gamers have no damn sense when it comes to social interaction online and women, and when the two meet, they basically represent the stigma of  the”Tits or GTFO” mentality. It makes me cringe that some guys are like this and females label all male gamers as sexist and only want one thing. It’s the vocal minority trying to speak for everyone as a whole and quite frankly, it pisses me off.

Female gamers and women in general don’t deserve this kind of treatment and if you’ve got the cojones to say this to a woman behind a microphone and a computer or XBox Live/PSN, you either have no social skills whatsoever, were raised by brainless cavemen who think sexism is acceptable, or a part of the “forever virgins of America club.”

I’m part of the majority in gaming who welcome female gamers and a female perspective. Notwithstanding it gives us someone else to debate with, it gives guys more social interaction, assuming you’re not like the sexist minority who think treating female gamers like crap just because they have tits and they’re entitled to treat women like crap while sending obscene pictures to said women.

I’ve had a girlfriend who played video games, mostly Nintendo, and not once would I have ever been like the stereotypical minority to her, or any female gamer, because I have actual common sense for one, and two, women deserve equality in this industry, no matter if they’re noobs, or if they destroy you in Mortal Kombat with every combo using Scorpion.

For Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and other female gamers, I, nor the majority of self-respecting gamers are like the vocal majority who choose to be trash balls. For the trash ball sexist gamers out there, this pipe bomb’s for you.