Photo Leak of Future Assassin’s Creed Games?

by on September 6, 2013

Game Informer tweeted earlier today a photo leaked from the Internet of what appears to be a list of upcoming Ubisoft games, including two Assassin’s Creed titles. In case you can’t make them out, the first is Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD and Assassin’s Creed: Pirates. The first title includes that all-too-familiar keyword “HD”, which tends to be included in the names of recent franchise collectors editions such as Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, etc.

If this supposed game is actually in the works, it may be hinting at a collection of all the previous Assassin’s Creed games, presumably up to the upcoming game AC: Black Flag. Considering how many titles are in the series already, it would be pretty good timing.  Assassin’s Creed: Pirates pretty much speaks for itself as to what it would probably be about, and considering that Black Flag has already gone the pirate route, it may be the sequel to follow after.

It also opens up the question as to exactly when Ubisoft plans to bring closure to the series. Some players feel it’s dragged on too long, some feel the story essentially ended after AC: Brotherhood, and others are always excited to see another sequel. What’s your take? Do you think these games will hit the shelves?