Persona 5 Gets New Trailer, Coming To PS4

Atlus released a new trailer for the latest addition in its mega-popular JRPG series, Persona 5. In the trailer we see our protagonist for the first time, in a subway that stops at a crowded city. The trailer also revealed the game will see a release on the PS4.

Little is known about its story, however a trailer released in February tells us “You are a slave. Want emancipation?” as well as this Siliconera article which details a Dengeki Playstation feature that explains the RPG will send a strong message of catharsis, overcoming trials to free yourself from your shackles. The characters will be living hard modern-day society lives with each of them being restrained by something. The game will take place in the series’ typical high school setting, but Atlas stresses the game will feature a different mood than its predecessors.

Persona 5 currently has a release date of 2015, with no other info given. Check out the newest trailer below.


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