Our Best Buys Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is marked on gamers calendars all around the globe, and it can be extremely hard to resist those irresistibly low prices. Still, with the Steam sale now coming to a conclusion hopefully your wallet has taken too much of beating. As expected though, we bought our fair share of bargains, and this our best buys from the Steam Summer Sale – There may still be time for you to make one last ditch purchase!

Christopher Howell – Terraria, Gunpoint, Rouge Legacy, Civ 5: Brave New World, Rising Storm

Terraria: While many compare it to 2D Minecraft, that’s not very apt. With randomly generating dungeons, 6 bosses at last count. Stores. Spreading biomes like Hallow and Corruption. And a variety of items, weapons, and armor, this game is more of a build your own adventure. I personally enjoy trying to get through a world, leaving gravestones where I died, and signs on geological features and buildings I make, and then going through as a second character, seeing the already developed world.

Gunpoint: I recommend this highly to everyone who loves espionage, puzzles, and punching people in the face 1500 times. With gameplay that is definitely different and fresh (Having to hack into electronics to open a building for you to use your magical spring loaded pants to jump through) and a story that is incredibly interesting (Corporate espionage) combined with a murder mystery, and cool pixel graphics that while small, you can always tell what you are looking at, makes this game a Must Have.

Rouge Legacy: I loved Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, and Portrait of Ruin, and I can’t tell you how many hours I logged into Symphony of the Night. This game brings back many things I loved about those games. The mysterious castle. Exploration. Just entering into the garden, the Tower (haven’t made it farther than 3 rooms into the tower) and the catacombs (Never made it past the first room) bring back memories of seeing the new areas of the castle in those games. Plus its randomly generating layout makes it never get old. Be warned though, you will die. But death doesn’t mean you lose and suck at the game. To get better, you HAVE to die. You get coins and die, then buy new classes and stat upgrades with your child. It is the circle of life.

Civ 5 Brave New World: And with this entry, Civ 5 is complete in a way that we never knew it needed completing. With this entry, culture, trade, and diplomacy no longer feel tacked on.  They are full systems in their own right, that are every bit as engaging as orchestrating a war. The perfect final DLC for Civilization 5.

Rising Storm: Tactical Shooters are my favorite type of shooter games. While many players can tell you tales of their saving squad members, or losing them, I play solely with bots. Finding your way through the dense jungle maps is incredibly difficult and disorienting, as it should be (though I don’t believe that particular map should be a FF map) and the guns feel really nice. There are issues though, bugs, lag/stuttering when you hit the player cap, and no tank matches like there were in Red Orchestra, but tanks weren’t really a big factor in the pacific like they were in the eastern theater.


Stefan Richings – XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The only game I grabbed at the sale was XCOM: Enemy Unknown as I already have a huge Steam library of games I don’t play, but damn am I happy I grabbed this game. The game depicts an alien invasion of Earth in 2015, and it is your role to command a squad of elite troops in several different kinds of missions against the aliens whilst also upgrading your weapons and maintaining order across the globe. Without a doubt one of the most challenging strategy games I have ever played, even on the easiest setting. Something everyone should check out at some point, a seriously addictive game.

Michael Passalacqua – Civilization V: Gold Edition

Im loving every second of it. The gameplay is brilliant, the stradegy is deep, and playing with friends makes it even better. I can see my self spending hundreds of hours with Civ V, which may not be a good thing. Just one more turn!

Jozef Wotawa – Civilization V: Gold Edition

An absolute steal at £7.50. An amazing game with tons of replay value. When I first came across the game during the sale I was a little hesitant to whether I should buy it or not as I’ve never really played turn-based strategy games. However, after playing this game I was hooked from the start. The game is very easy to pick up and comes with an in-game wiki which informs you about anything and everything in the game. It allows you to decide how you want to become the best civilization in the game, whether it be through culture or science, or if you want to build an unfathomable army that has the ability to wipe the other civilizations off the planet. Overall, I have nothing but praise for this game and if you’re like me and new to the genre, I heavily recommend buying this game. It’s something you won’t regret.

Stephen Jackson – M.U.D T.V, Joint Task Force

For once, I was actually able to pretty much avoid breaking the bank balance by being an utter cheapskate and going for these titles! Although I did decide to invest in Cubeworld rather than spending that on the sale so I do have a valid reason? Right? For the prices they were, I thought I would give them a go, and I’m quite pleased I did. I was left relatively satisfied by such cheap games!

M.U.D. T.V – The game sees you play as the owner of your very own T.V Station. It is your job to make your station the most popular around, while also keeping your finances in order and not going bankrupt. It is not the most straight forward game to get to grips with, but for near enough £3, you can’t really grumble. Overall, it is a fun game, hiring writers and actors, choosing what scripts to turn into fledgling TV shows, as well as building new facilities for your Studio to give that edge. While it’s not a great game, it is a good game if running a TV station is up your street.

Join Task Force – What an old game this is! This is what strategy games must have been like before the Men of War series burst onto the scene. You can definitely see the inspiration taken from JTF that’s for sure. As with my first game, I only bought it because of the price, and while it has it’s moments, it is no Men of War. The game takes you to all different regions with your Task Force as you complete a wide variety of missions, ranging from hostage rescues and escorts to capturing key enemy locations. Skirmish is quite fun, allowing you to change up some options and play vs the AI. For those of you who are love a good map and game editor, I was surprised to see that JTF came with one. While I didn’t spend long in it, if you know what you are doing, I guess you could make some pretty cool maps and missions. Overall not a bad game, but only worth picking up on the sale.