The Original BioShock Is Coming To iOS

2K Games has announced today that BioShock, their beloved first-person shooter first released in 2007, will make the jump to iOS devices sometime this summer.

The port is being done by 2K China, the same studio that produced the very well-received XCOM: Enemy Unknown iOS port. The game allows users to use a Bluetooth controller to play it as well as a touch screen interface. The port is largely the same but it is without fog, dynamic shadows, and the graphics have been slightly toned down to reach Apple’s 2GB limit.

There hasn’t been a set price announced for the game yet, but Ben Holschuh, production assistant for the game, has said it will sell for a “premium” price.

There are currently no plans to bring the game to Android, 2K representatives told IGN.


Source: *Polygon,*Twitter,*IGN