Ordnance Survey recreate Great Britain in Minecraft

The Ordnance Survery, who map Great Britain from top to bottom, have gone and recreated Great Britain in Minecraft, roughly 86,000 square miles of it! The size of Great Britain is roughly 229,848 square km, and have managed to accurately recreate 224,000 square km (86,000 sq miles).

The map only took two weeks to complete, and was built by intern Joseph Braybrook along with the Ordnance Survey’s Innovation Lab Team. The map uses free OS OpenData products, and be downloaded for free for you to check out yourself!

Once downloaded, you will be placed in Southampton at the location of the Ordnance Survery’s Head office. From there you can explore any region of Minecraft Great Britain you desire. There are roughly 22 billion blocks in the map.

“We think we may have created the largest Minecraft world ever built based on real-world data,” Graham Dunlop, OS Innovation Lab manager said,

“The resulting map shows the massive potential not just for using Minecraft for computer technology and geography purposes in schools, but also the huge scope of applications for OS OpenData too.”


The Ordnance Survery themselves stated, “Each blocks represents a ground area of 50 square metres, The raw height data is stored in metres and must be scaled down to fit within the 256 block height limit in Minecraft. A maximum height of 2 500 metres was chosen, which means Ben Nevis, appears just over 128 blocks high.

“Although this exaggerates the real-world height, it preserves low-lying coastal features such as Bournemouth’s cliffs, adding interest to the landscape.”

If you are interested in downloading the GB map for yourself, or wish to learn more about the process involved in creating quite possibly the largest Minecraft world ever built based on real-world data, you can head to their website here.