Nintendo Reveals The “New Nintendo 3DS”

by on August 30, 2014

This morning, Nintendo revealed details on a new 3DS iteration, appropriately named “New Nintendo 3DS”.

new nintendo 3ds

It should be noted that this isn’t just a new model of the 3DS we knew before, its a whole new unit, complete with bigger screens, a second stick (that little nub you see on the right), extra shoulder buttons, amiibo support, and a updated processor. Nintendo has said the new unit will also sport faster download speeds and a better internet browser.

The new unit also has enhanced 3D. While looking at the past 3DS’s screens with 3D on, it becomes blurry but with the New 3DS, it stays clear. Neat little feature, I guess.

Your DS games will still be compatible with the New 3DS.

The New 3DS will come in regular and XL sizes for 16,000 yen (roughly $153) and 18,800 (roughly $180) respectively. They launch in Japan on October 11. Nintendo says to not expect a release overseas this year.