Nintendo extends Year of Luigi to 2014

Nintendo extends Year of Luigi to 2014

Haven’t had enough of the tall, green, ghost-vacuuming machine? Well, then you’re in luck. Nintendo has decided that one year wasn’t enough for the overshadowed brother to one of gaming’s most iconic characters, and so they’ve decided to push the Year of Luigi to 2014.

During 2013, Nintendo had made quite a few games that focused heavily on Luigi, such as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, New Super Luigi U, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Although there was certainly some much needed attention given to green-clad sidekick, it’s also rather unfortunate that the man who played Luigi in the notorious Super Mario Super Show, Danny Wells, passed away during the character’s dedicated year.

It’s hard to say if the Year of Luigi was exactly a good one, let alone one that really gave Luigi some compensation for being second banana for over 25 years, though it will be interesting to see what new developments Nintendo has in store for the second Year of Luigi.

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