Nintendo Direct Recap

Nintendo’s first Direct since the passing of President Iwata was released today (11-12-15), in that Direct they announced a few things as well as shared some things we already knew of. Reggie Fils-aime took the place of Iwata in this Direct, we don’t know whether or not this is a permanent position, but we’re not complaining, although we do miss Iwata.

I’ll only cover the basics in this post, not all the games and mostly first party games:

The Game “Zelda Twilight Princess HD” (coming out March 4th 2016) was leaked news that has been leaked frequently up until the Direct video today. That sort of spoils the announcement, however… A new Wolf Link amiibo was announced, being bundled with the game and released that day as well, that will also work with the new Wii U Zelda game coming also later on in 2016.


Star Fox Zero was given a much more impressive trailer with details that give you a better glimpse of what’s to come. The release date was delayed but now they have an official release date “April-22nd-2016”.

Mega Man Legacy Collection for 3DS will be bundled with a golden Mega Man amiibo. The game will be bundled with this amiibo, also the 3DS version of Mega Man Legacy Collection comes with eleven exclusive challenges for the 3DS.

Two new courses were added to Splatoon, an art Museum stage and a mini resort stage that takes place within a pool.

Super Mario Maker will get an online course search engine in December this year, this’ll help us find courses online that we want to play and bookmark them to play later on our Wii U consoles.