Nintendo Direct E3 Review

Nintendo had a pretty good Nintendo Direct for E3. They showed great games like Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Wind Waker, Mario Kart 8, and a great trailer for their third party games.

Nintendo revealed the new Mario 3D World for the WiiU. It was very unique, and looks like it will be very fun to play. Although, It looked good for the first part, but cats? I would be better off with just the tanooki suit coming back. They also showed games like Mario Party WiiU, WiiU Fit, and WiiU Party, that are getting old. The Pokemon X and Y looked good, but they are getting to have too many Pokemon. I mean I already caught them all, why do I have to do it again?

The big problem about the Direct was the release dates. Great games like Super Smash Bros., Zelda, and Mario Kart are coming in 2014. The games that are going to come out in 2013 are going to be left behind in the dust with the new PlayStation and Xbox coming out. Nintendo did not take care of their console, and should not have had it release in 2012. I believe that if they had released it in 2013 or 2014 they would actually have the games ready, and they would have had more sales. Anyway, Nintendo had a good Nintendo Direct, but the only problem is the release dates.