Nintendo Direct 2/13/14: Recap

by on February 13, 2014

The Big N held it’s first Nintendo Direct of 2014 this afternoon from their headquarters in Japan. At the time of announcement, Nintendo revealed that this direct would clock in at approximately 41 minutes meaning it would be tied with the E3 2013 edition for the longest direct ever. Considering that particular direct was quite a doozy, this ignited a great deal of anticipation and speculation amongst gamers everywhere.

So how did Nintendo perform? Did they disappoint or blow us away? Were there any surprises or was it exactly what we expected? How is their line-up looking for the rest of 2014 and beyond?

The following is a chronological recap of the entire video conference containing all of the juicy details. Look for JumpToGamer to post videos and screenshots from the direct as they’re made available. Enjoy!

  • A new Trailer for Super Smash Bros. is shown revealing Little Mac as a playable character. He seems to play as a fast, in-your-face sort of fighter. Still merely tentatively slated for “2014”.

  • A new single player mode is revealed for Mario Golf: World Tour: Castle Club, Features challenges and training modes to help you either learn or master the game. Coming May 2nd.

  • New gameplay for Kirby Triple Deluxe for 3DS is. It details gameplay mechanics such as ability copying and collectables. There are bonuses to using the 3DS Street Pass. Also coming May 2nd.

  • Yoshi’s New Island gameplay footage shown explaining how the game works (EG: Protecting Baby Mario and such). Some new features are explained: The game features giant eggs called Mega-Egg Dozers which can actually destroy parts of the level. Yoshi will also be able to transform into things like drills and submarines which are controlled using the 3DS’s gyro controls. A new item that grants Yoshi wings is revealed. Coming March 14th.

  • A spiritual sequel to Steel Diver is revealed for 3DS, Steel Diver: Sub Wars. Features a first person perspective and plays like a fast-paced strategic shooter. You can play in competitive 4 vs. 4 battles! There are seven main missions available for single player. A free version will be available featuring less content. It’s available TODAY!

  • A new 3DS downloadable title, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is announced. The involves purchasing items from a cartoonish shop run by a former baseball player named Rusty. The items can be used in/to play baseball inspired mini-games. The game will be free to play and is apparently available now.

  • Pokemon Battle Trozei, a Pokemon block puzzler is announced for E-Shop. Coming March 20th.

  • Professor Layton and The Azran Legacy is shown in trailer form and revealed to be coming west to 3DS. Will feature Street Pass bonuses where you can provide hints to others. Coming February 28th.

  • Gameplay footage and details for Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS are shown. They take time to focus online features. Coming early 2015.

  • Weapon Shop: de Omasse is revealed for 3DS E-Shop, being developed by Level 5. It’s an RPG where you play the role of a blacksmith apprentice set within a traditional RPG universe. You must learn to forge weapons via rhythm based gameplay. Coming February 20th.

  • Inazuma Eleven is detailed. It’s an RPG based around soccer battles. You build and develop your teammate’s stats and special abilities to win. It’s available on Nintendo E-Shop TODAY!

  • More E-Shop games are shown including Moon: Chronicles, Retro City Rampage, Shovel Knight, and 1001 Spikes. There’s a mini montage of E-Shop games.

  • Child of Light from Ubisoft for Wii-U is shown. This was revealed late last year and is a beautiful RPG with platforming elements and puzzles. Coming to the E-Shop April 30th.

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze receives a new trailer. It focuses a lot on a new type of owl enemy. A wide variety of levels and shown featuring the same classic gameplay seen in the first Returns. Air time is given to each of the different Kongs. The game will feature online leaderboards. Coming February 21st.

  • NES Remix 2 is announced. It’s a compilation of classic NES titles such as Kid Icarus, Kirby’s Adventure, and Metroid. It will offer special levels, challenges, and new elements. An “original” game called Super Luigi Bros. is included which is the original Super Mario Bros. in reverse. Coming to the E-Shop on April 25th.

  • Iwata announces that GBA games will begin appearing on Virtual Console this Spring including fan favorites like Metroid: Fusion.

  • Mario Kart 8 is shown via a new trailer and will feature some new characters: The Koopalings! The new vertical, aerial and underwater gameplay is shown off as well. Coming to Wii-U May 30th.

  • The first gameplay of X is shown! The open-world gameplay returns along with the mostly real-time combat. It looks gorgeous! The game will also feature mechs within combat which can be used for travel and to take on much larger, more powerful enemies (such as the giant ape monster seen in the trailer). You can enter and leave them as you please it seems. The gameplay is being based on Xenoblade but more polished. No release window given.

  • A new trailer for Bayonetta featuring a bit of backstory and new story details is shown. The plot seems to revolve around finding the gates of “Inferno”. Gameplay is shown featuring the massive boss battles and extreme action sequences much like those seen in the first game. Iwata discusses the gameplay a bit including the returning witch time. The game will be coming in 2014.

Phew! Okay, that’s it for the first Nintendo Direct of 2014. What did you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments and check back with JumpToGamer for more details as they’re made available!

You can watch the entire conference here below.