Nintendo Badge ARCADE out in America

Today we can confirm that the Nintendo Badge arcade is out in the US. Free to download, every five plays costs one dollar, but aside from the cost they’ll occasionally give out FREE plays that you can subscribe to getting sent to your console’s notifications. This is good because not everyone has money to blow on the eShop. They may still announce this game in the Nintendo Direct video tomorrow but I find it odd that it was announced in a UK video and released in the US with no announcement, not even through Nintendo’s Press Room. I still can’t find a listing for the application on Nintendo’s website, this game must’ve just been released to the 3DS eShop today. I’ve already had the chance to try out this software and found it very nice to be able to customize my Home screen and folders with Nintendo related badges. I’m positive that all Nintendo fans will enjoy this as well. Nintendo’s Badge arcade is out in the 3DS eShop today.