Next Hearthstone Patch To Introduce Major Changes

by on October 13, 2015

This is quite possibly the biggest change up to the Hearthstone meta since The Grand Tournament. Word from Blizzard’s Community Manager Zeriyah is that Warsong Commander will undergo some intense changes. The mana cost won’t change and the attack value is not going to be lessened but the effect from Warsong Commander will be “Your charge minions have +1 attack”. The implications obviously go beyond just one card as this nerf deals a death blow to the deck known as Patron Warrior.

There was speculation that any of the combo pieces in the deck would be tampered with because they were too oppressive, the combo was fragile, and the deck won on much later turns than others. It was also possible that the deck might be salvaged and be less effective if the nerf wasn’t that bad but Warsong Commander is now completely unplayable.

So what will be the new deck to take the place on top of the ladder as a top tier deck? This shake up in the meta will be far reaching and might fling something along the lines of Secret Paladin or maybe another deck that was weak to patron into the front. Only time will tell when the patch goes live sometime next week. You can read the full post here.