News Directly to you

Nintendo DirectNintendo’s bringing back their famous Nintendo Directs, since Iwata’s tragic death in July (2015) there hasn’t been another Nintendo Direct (because Iwata always hosted them) to announce all their latest upcoming games, events and more. In just two days from today on (11-12-15) Thursday at 2pm Pacific Time/5pm Eastern Time. Nothing specific has been announced, we don’t know who is taking Iwata’s former position as Host, I do hope it’s someone up in the ranks at Nintendo, I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t, it’d just be good if it was. Someone closer to Manager, Director or even producer positions announcing upcoming games and things feels more professional to me in my own opinion. But I want to know what you think, what do you think Nintendo will announce in this Nintendo Direct? A new Mario game perhaps? The picture they shared on Facebook as an announcement stated it was to speak on upcoming 3DS and Wii U news. What new things could they be bringing to the Wii U and 3DS now? I have a theory, we just discovered that Nintendo of Europe is getting the Nintendo Badge arcade game that lets you win badges to customize your 3DS’s home screen. Perhaps this 3DS app that’s left Japan for the first time will be announced for our US consoles on Thursday, it could be. Stay tuned for future updates.