Newbee wins the Dota 2 International 2014

Newbee has beat Vici Gaming in the Dota 2 championship taking a massive prize of $5 million at Key Arena today. The Chinese team won the best of 5 3-1 and walk away with a million dollars each after the final.

The captain of Newbee, Xiao8 and his team said they felt “amazing.” Newbee came back from a 7-8 qualifier stage and was on the brink of elimination but managed to make it to the main event.

Newbee took out some of the favourite teams including Na’vi and Invictus Gaming and managed to secure a grand final place. The last match only lasted 15 minutes as Newbee took a dominating lead over Vici with 19 kills over Vici’s 3 kills.

Newbee said in the winner’s interview that it feels “like a dream and they were still waking up.” The team said they have no plans at the moment after the International.