New Playstation 4 Details!

Some new Playstation 4 details have very recently emerged regarding release date, streaming and finally bringing a game many Playstation users have been clamoring for to the PS4, PS3 and Vita. 

Sony have confirmed that the Playstation 4 will be available in USA and Canada from the 15th November, whilst the console will be available in Europe and Australia from the 29th. Oddly, they are yet to state when the console will be released in Sony’s home nation of Japan.

It has also been confirmed that Twitch.TV will no longer be an exclusive streaming platform on the Xbox One, and it will be available to Playstation 4 users.

Finally, Minecraft has been confirmed to be coming to the PS4, alongside the PS3 and the Vita. Something that has also already been confirmed for the Xbox One and has been on the Xbox 360 for some time, Minecraft saw massive success in it’s first console port, with over 8 million units being sold on the Xbox 360, and Mojang are clearly looking to capitalise on that.

There is also a chance, however slim, that Minecraft could become one of the first cross-platform multiplayer games across both major consoles and PC. This is purely my opinion, but it seems excitingly plausible due to Mojang’s plans to eventually enable Xbox-PC multiplayer when they announced the Xbox port. So, there is a genuine possibility that Mojang could eventually bring us a PS4-Xbox-PC multiplayer experience. Here’s hoping.