New PC & PS4 Shooter H-Hour: World’s Elite gets first screen

H-Hour: World’s Elite is a tactical, team-based, military shooter currently in development for PC and PlayStation 4. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year and is described as the spiritual successor to the SOCOM series.

The first official in-game screenshot of H-Hour was posted on the forums along with a message from SOF Studios head and SOCOM creative director David Sears.

“It is with great pride and honor I am allowed to post this for you all today. So much work from a long list of people have gone into this project I am humbled to be the one bringing it to all of you. (my hands are shaking),” wrote Sears.

“Without the support of our community this wouldn’t be possible. We thank you, we appreciate you.”

H-Hour aims to be a realistic shooter inspired by real events, with the run and gun lone wolf approach quickly resulting in your death. The release of H-Hour will be a core multiplayer experience launching with no less than six maps, four new gameplay modes, and comprehensive community-building/clan management tools.

For more information about H-Hour: World’s Finest, check out their official website here.

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