More Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games To Be Announced Monthy

Microsoft s head of Xbox Phil Spencer made an announcement via social media that gamers are to receive more backwards compatible games on a monthly basis as Microsoft adds more games to the lineup on a continual basis.

Although Phil didn t reveal the names of the next backwards compatible games to come to the current gen console, he said:

We will announce news monthly, don t have a specific date for each months list

As a whole this is great news for Xbox fans who will now be treated to four games, up from two previously as part of the games with gold initiative each month. The fact that gamers can go back and play previous gen games and revisit many of the classics they love is a great treat for fans, so much so that Sony seems to be getting in on the backwards compatibility trend by bringing looking for ways to bring in to bring it to PS4.

Spencer was generally unsure about whether boxed previous 360 games will be playable on current gen. Whether that comes to fruition or not, its a great time to be an Xbox gamer.