More Information About the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Released

by on November 2, 2015

Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore discussed the different packages that will be released in the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass.

The important points are listed below from the developer about the pass:

  • Four extra packs will be released in the next 12-18 months.
  • “New player actions, obviously new weaponry as well.
  • “Both new universes” will be introduced.

EA has already sold 13 million copies in pre-orders and they want to make sure they keep an active user base in the game.

The CEO Andrew Wilson also stated that the game is supposed to be attractive not just for players who enjoy shooters but also for Star Wars fans. He also noted that the game, even though we have seen a good deal of it in the beta, will be suited to attract a newer young audience.

Hopefully it will still be a great shooter despite the obvious need for the game to be age appropriate; the beta sure delivered on that idea.