Do You Have a Minute…Or Twenty?

La Gang has found a way to transform a mundane occupation into a rather frustrating, but otherwise interesting and innovative game idea. Do You Have a Minute has you take the role of a survey bot who must properly engage aliens (yes I said aliens) in conversations that we are all far too familiar with. The gameplay has you listen in on subway stations carefully to the surrounding species, so that you can appropriately approach them filling your quota.

The game itself is heavy on sound, so make sure you have the volume up and your ears attuned to the multitude of languages that you’ll be hearing. It takes communication to a whole new level as you try to figure out which alien would be more susceptible to your character’s rhetoric.

Eventually, the game does start to become a bit repetitive as it turns more into a memory game: trying to recall each of the alien’s languages and how they’ll react to you. The appeal of the game lasts as long as, well, a survey really. The quirkiness behind the characters does run dry very quick: although, it is easy to get lost and admire the pixilated comfort embedded within this indie piece, it is ultimately not enough to keep this gamer on top of his linguistic abilities.

Do You Have a Minute is lacking commonality amongst its Indie brothers and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It may not keep a gamer going for days, but it is clever designers and developers’ inputting what I imagine was at one point, a sad and brief time period in their lives. The game is free for download and I would suggest giving it a shot, especially if you have not had the misfortune of finding yourself down that career path.

Check out the game with this link