Minecraft sales reach more than 14 million units on PC

by on February 3, 2014

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has announced on Twitter that sales of Mojang’s hugely popular game have surpassed 14 million units for Windows and Mac. This follows the news that the game had sold over a million copies on the PS3 since launching on the platform on December 17. Across all platforms, Minecraft sales have topped 36 million units.

Minecraft was first released in 2009 as an alpha and was fully released in November 2011. The alpha model used by Minecraft has since become increasingly popular with developers, with Steam’s Early Access seeing alpha releases of games such as DayZ and Rust. An Xbox 360 version was released in May 2012 and had sold over 6 million copies by March 2013.


Source: *Twitter