Mike Bithell Announces Volume

You may or may not know Mike Bithell as the creator of the critically acclaimed platformer, Thomas Was Alone - a hit indie game with a unique concept that grasped a lot of attention from both critics and the public alike. 

Bithell has now moved on from Thomas Was Alone to announce his latest project, Volume, and fans of Metal Gear Solid will certainly be excited by this. Volume is a stealth game in which the character has an increasing arsenal of tools to aid his criminal activities. It’s certainly great to see Bithell move away from the squares and rectangle characters of Thomas Was Alone to develop full character models - although the level design sticks to a stylistic form using shapes as walls and cover, which is something that I was a little disappointed with at first.

That is until I discovered that Volume will have a large emphasis on the community being able to create their own maps to share with any other players around the world. This certainly justifies the way the map works, as it allows very simplistic creation of maps - which will ultimately result in an incredible number of maps being created by users on top of the hundreds of promised environments packaged with the game.

I’m also pleased to notice that the musical score for this game is being composed by David Housden, the man who really helped bring Thomas Was Alone to life with what has to be one of my favourite soundtracks of any game i’ve ever played. Whether or not Bithell has another hit on his hands remains to be seen, but this certainly looks promising. He has promised a story reveal at Gamecity 8 and an ability to play through the game for the first time at the Eurogamer Expo 2013. No news yet on what platforms we can expect this game to appear on, but due to the 2014 release and the new self-publishing on both next generation consoles, i’d personally expect to see a PC release alongside a release on one, if not both of the next generation consoles.