Microsoft say they will Improve Xbox One UI and Party System

Microsoft has stated that they will improve the Xbox One UI and party system following player’s criticism of the layout and functionality of the friends and party feature. Speaking on Reddit, Larry Hryb told gamers that things “will get better”.

“I had a meeting today about much of this and I can say that things will get better. I can’t offer a timeline or a list of what will be addressed first, but we are aware of the issue and things will get better.”

Some users have found the Xbox One party system overcomplicated and more difficult when it comes to adding friends and finding parties, something which was easy and straightforward on Xbox 360. The feature has also been described as backwards by some. Gamers have also requested that Microsoft bring back the Xbox 360 guide, which was accessed by pressing the Xbox button on the controller. Doing so on Xbox One currently takes you to the home screen, preventing you from quickly adding friends and joining parties from the Xbox Guide in-game.


Source: *Reddit