Microsoft Employee Walks The Stage

Many college students dream day in and day out of graduating with their careers set. For Peter Innes, he’s surpassed his dreams even before walking the stage.

This past Friday, University of Derby graduate Peter Innes, a student of the university’s computer gaming programming field, graduated with honors with a computer gaming programming degree, but his journey was a long and prosperous one.

Innes, originally from Edinburgh, worked with gaming conglomerate Microsoft for a year as part of his study, and was encouraged by his manager at the time, for his impressive work, to apply for a permanent position, and after a long day of tests in 2012, he (Innes) was awarded a position with the company.

 “One of the main things I’ve worked on since joining Microsoft was the Xbox Live service, ahead of the launch of the new Xbox One console in November 2013.”

“Microsoft is a terrific company to work for with a lot of opportunities. I’d always seen myself working somewhere like this after I’d gained a bit more experience but it’s all happened a lot quicker than expected.”

Innes said his time at Derby, along with his decision to join the computer gaming programming class was an opportunity to learn from the best.

“I chose the University of Derby’s Computer Games Programming course because there was the opportunity for a year working in the industry and also for the very practical skills I knew it would teach me.”

One of his professors, Dr. Tommy Thompson, lead programmer of the computer games programming course, said Peter’s determination is something he expected out of not only Peter, but every student he came across.

“Working for Microsoft is the dream job for many of our students.

“For Peter to have achieved this so quickly after completing his degree, and moving to the USA to pursue his career, shows both his determination and the hardworking attitude we hope to instil in our students.”