Microsoft Congratulates Sony on Launch of PS4

Despite Sony being Microsoft’s fierce competitors and arguably getting the better of them for the majority of the build up to next-gen, Microsoft have congratulated Sony on their launch of the PlayStation 4 in North America today. The message was posted to Microsoft’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts, reading “Congratulations on your launch, Sony”

Microsoft Studios general manager Phil Spencer last night also offered his “congrats to the PS4 team”.

Afterall, the two companies aren’t enemies, just competitors and both will be fully aware of the many hours and hardwork it has taken to develop, market and launch their next-gen consoles. And without Sony doing what they did with the PlayStation 4, there is no doubt that we would have had a very different Xbox One, for better or for worse.

Sony launched PS4 in North America today, with them launching in Europe November 29, a week after the worldwide release of Xbox One on November 22.

Microsoft, your up next!