Metro Last Light DLC and Season Pass

The Developers at 4A Games came out with new DLC for Metro Last Light called the Faction Pack. The Faction Pack features three new chapters and three new characters, the Reich Heavy Squad Solider, Polis Ranger, and the Red of the Line Sniper.

The Heavy Solider comes with three weapons, the heavy gun, rail gun, and grenade launcher. The heavy is a pretty cool position to have, although you have to stay in one place for most of the time. The Polis Ranger runs to the surface and has to get materials for the team and you must use different routes and paths to get to the things you need. The Sniper has to be stealthy and has to sneak around enemy bases which is the best chapter in the game. There are also three new weapons in the game the come with each chapter, the Hellbreath, Medved, and Silent Sniper Rifle.

The Season Pass comes with 4 different DLC packs, the Faction Pack, Tower Pack, Developer Pack, and Chronicles Pack. The Faction and Chronicles pack has original single player gameplay and stories expanded from the game. The Tower pack has challenge and pure gameplay. The Developer Pack give players tools to explore with in Metro. There is also a new weapon that comes with the season pack already downloaded in the game the Absats heavy machine gun.

Although there is not that much plot in the chapters of the DLC the Metro Last Light DLC and season pass are both worth your money. The DLC is five dollars and the season pass is worth 15 dollars.