Mega Man Legacy Collection Themes

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Fans of True Blue might know this already, Mega Man Legacy Collection comes out in the USA in Early 2016. However in Japan on February 25th, 2016 3DS users can either pick up the game itself or with a few additional collectible accessories. On the official Japanese Rock Man/Mega Man site they’ve announced that the 3DS console will get new Mega Man themes. The announcement image (shown above) roughly translates:

Nintendo 3DS package version of “theme” two kinds of download numbers as limited quantities benefits is included! To download this theme, you must have a Nintendo 3DS and have Internet communication in a wireless environment. The contents of this theme, the specifications are subject to change without notice.

No word if these themes will ever be published in the USA or other countries outside of Japan. Apparently in Japan if you pre-order the standard edition or the limited edition bundle of Rockman Classics Collection (Mega Man Legacy Collection) you get the download codes for these themes. So pre-orders have a bit more content to offer than standard purchases, the themes will most likely be sold outside of the pre-orders as well. Yet with the pre-orders you get them free and Mega Man Fans around the world are already drooling over these themes. Hopefully they come to the US eventually, if not right when the game is released, otherwise this might be a shocking addition to the themes shop sometime after it’s released in the US and we’ve just discovered it early. Perhaps pre-orders in the US will get the same themes, who knows. 


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