Meet Max, Your Netflix Assistant on PS3!

That’s right, now Netflix has an assistant to help you choose what movie to watch on your PS3! Meet Max, the son of Siri! This A.I will help you through those, “I dunno what to watch” moments, which happen a lot to me.

There are many ways to approach this. One way is, first you choose what genre you would like to watch. Then, you rate a few movies from that genre, which Max calculates and comes up with a movie to complement your taste. It will even pitch why you should watch it! Of course you can repeat this process if you weren’t happy with the movie but there are a few other methods to. In the second method you chose witch actor you would prefer to see. Then it will show you a film. I don’t use this often because I don’t have favorite stars, except Al Pacino and Seth Rogen. It kind of sucks because I have already seen all their films. Anyways, with the third option you choose between two phrases which lead to specific genres. An example would be, Fast Cars or Diabolical Minds. This will lead you to a very specific film. I found this intuitive but my least favorite option because it was a compete shot in the dark. Last but not least, if you are feeling a little daring, Max’s Mystery Call is for you! In this option the A.I uses your previous history to pull up a moving that he is determined you will like! I was skeptical using this, but it actually comes up with good movies most of the time.

Overall, I thought this was a fun tool and not to mention a great marketing technique for Netflix. I would recommend checking it out. This is exclusive to PS3, so all you Xbox and PC gamers have to wait. At least now you know what it’s like to wait a month for map packs!