A Merry Mario Christmas

by on November 26, 2015

While supplies last, GameStop has exclusive Super Mario Ornaments and a Super Mario Maker themed Snow Globe! One of the ornaments are themed after Super Mario Galaxy and lights up with an internal LED light. Super Mario hasn’t had official ornaments made for the franchise in years, this year is the Mario Bros’s 30th anniversary so it seems fitting that this is the year we get new ornaments, the Super Mario Maker themed Snow Globe was a bonus. It features a picture of Retro Pixel Mario made out of Super Mario game elements and fake snow mixed with flat retro style coins.The normal set of Super Mario Maker ornaments are themed on all the game themes in Super Mario Maker. They each have a picture of Super Mario jumping, Super Mario bros, Bros 3, Super Mario World and NSMBU. These ornaments are perfect for any Super Mario fan looking to deck the halls in style.