No Man’s Sky Developers Office Struck by Flood

Recently, we were all introduced to the upcoming space exploration simulator, No Man’s Sky, at VGX, though it would appear as though the Hello Games offices have also recently become no man’s land. On December 24th, Hello Games announced via Twitter that their England studios had been hit with a rather massive flood, dealing as much damage as the destruction of all their computer monitors and a whole wall. This is, of course, quite the hefty burden on both the developers and the development of the game, and although the hard-working group at Hello Games fortunately remain safe and well, one question arises-what will become of No Man’s Sky?

Well, unfortunately, their insurance says that they will not cover any of the damages due to their offices being in a risky location, though there is still hope for the small team. Microsoft Studios Vice President Phil Spencer has claimed that he’ll be looking into the conflict, which could mean restoration for the company and the continuation of their two upcoming games, including the even morerecently announced addition to the Joe Danger series, Joe Danger Infinity.

Only time can really tell whether or not they will be truly compensated for the disaster, and if they will be able to restore what they have worked up to thus far, though given that it is the season of giving and goodwill, perhaps luck is on their side.

Source: *Gamerant