Mafia 3 releasing in April according to retailers

Mafia 3 could be available as early as April according to Best Buy and GameStop.

Both retailers have had Mafia 3’s release date set as April 26, meaning that if true, we will get to play the next game in the Mafia franchise sooner than expected.

IGN have stated that GameStop have marked the release date for Mafia 3 as April 26, 2016, while a picture has emerged online of a pre-order card available from Best Buy which states that the game will be available on April 26 also. Normally in these instances, just one retailer provides an exact date, however two of the biggest US retailers both have the same release date.



However 2K have declined to comment on if the game will be releasing in April, instead providing a statement which tells us nothing new.

“Mafia 3 will release in calendar 2016 during Take-Two Interactive’s fiscal year 2017. No official release date has been announced at this time. It is common practice for retailers to list placeholder dates before an official release date has been announced due to the requirements of their operating systems.”

 Will Mafia 3 be releasing in April? Let us know what you think!