Lords Of The Fallen: The Game You Should Be Following

In recent years, gamers have gotten tired of the beautiful-yet-simple “Press A to advance” games that have been shoveled in their faces in this generation of games. From big games such as Dark Souls to indie titles like Spelunky, players have started to embrace difficult games and have come to desire more challenge in the games they play. Of course, we’re talking about fair difficulty, not the punishment featured in I Wanna Be the Guy.

TheKidBecause forget this guy.


Lords of the Fallen is an upcoming high fantasy game that is planned to feature a distinguished level of difficulty and will require you to learn your foes’ strategies and fight accordingly. While this may sound very much like Dark Souls, Mike Williams at US Gamer however says that it’s more like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, but more “difficult and methodical”. Rather than hacking and slashing, the developers want each fight to be a challenge and carry its own weight. In Lords of the Fallen, your timing, distance and attack strategies are all going to determine whether or not you make it out alive.


The story, told vaguely through the cinematic trailer, seems to be that the main character, Harkyn, is rebelling against a fallen god and his generals. The art style suggests dark fantasy but more fleshed out than other games of similar style. It has the makings of a great game if done correctly, and it even has a former producer of The Witcher 2 onboard, which was loved by many. All of this packaged together with the “infinite gameplay” that is said to appear, this will probably be a game that players talk about for years after its release.


Lords of the Fallen is being developed by Deck 13 Interactive and is planned for a 2014 release. I would guess that gameplay trailers aren’t very far down the road.

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