The Last of Us PS4 Edition ‘Essentially Confirmed’

by on April 9, 2014

Due to a leak on the Sony PS Store, The Last of Us PS4 edition has essentially be confirmed to be coming to the new console at some point in the future.

The Last of Us PS4 edition has essentially been confirmed as a real thing, with The Last of Us: Remastered appearing on the Playstation Store for the PS4 at a price tag of $59.99. The game appeared in a banner on the Store’s website, and whilst the link of the banner didn’t lead anywhere, it appears that this game is now 99.9% likely to be announced for the console relatively soon.

With E3 only 9 weeks away, Sony may be likely to confirm the game officially at the popular games convention. However, due to the nature of this leak, it may be that Sony will officially confirm the game before hand, and detail it in full at E3. With the way re-releases are going at the moment, it is likely that The Last of Us will see a graphical upgrade as well as the PS4 version being released with all DLC. With the advanced hardware of the PS4 console and the talents of the Naughty Dog team, it’s likely that we’ll see The Last of Us running on the PS4 at native 1080p, with either 30fps or 60fps.

Source: NeoGaf