Last Generation of Gaming’s Top Ten Games

With the release of the Xbox One and PS4 we have been cannoned into the next generation of gaming and leaving behind ten odd years of wonderful memories and late nights spent with our PS3′s and Xbox 360′s. Maybe their ageing plastic bits and creaky analog sticks aren’t quite ready to throw in the towel just yet, but let’s look back at my top ten games of last generation that entertained me so well over the years.

  • 10: Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch

I happen to be a massive JRPG fan and the one thing that was always missing on my PS3 was a really good one. Then along came Ni No Kuni with the most charming and wonderful stories ever told in a JRPG along with great game play and a beautiful art style. You follow the story of Oliver who is transported from his own world into a fantasy world where people’s hearts are being drained by an evil sorcerer. It’s up to you to bring this evil sorcerer to justice along with a group of friends you meet along the way and your little welsh fairy who brings a wonderful comical side to the serious story line that is unfolding. There’s plenty to do in Ni No Kuni from side missions, a 40+ hour story and many monsters to tame to aid you in battle this game had to make the list.


  • 9: Metal Gear Solid 4: Gun’s of the Patriots

What generation of gaming would be complete without Snake and his pals. Metal Gear Solid 4 is arguably one of the best Metal Gears to be released and at the time had some of the best graphics seen in a video game that rivals some of the more recent releases. In Metal Gear 4 you play an ageing Snake who as usual is chasing after one of his counterparts who I won’t reveal in case you haven’t played it. The story keeps you interested from start to finish in Hideo Kojima style lengthy cut scenes and there’s plenty of action too when you are in control of Snake. This game pushed the boundaries of our PS3′s early on and set the benchmark for future titles with its amazing graphics, awesome game play and great storytelling.


  • 8: Batman Arkham Asylum

To be honest when Batman Arkham Asylum was announced I wasn’t expecting much and for the game to flop. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This game blew my mind the first time I played it. I was hooked from start to finish. This game is a Batman Fan’s dream. Batman is locked into an Asylum which the Joker is now in control of. You will have to fight your way through the crazed inmates with some brilliant combat controls, solve puzzles and use your many gadgets to try reach Joker and put an end to his antics. The brilliant game play is backed by a brilliant story that could be straight out of the comic books. The next two Batman games were a massive let down to me after playing this one and that’s why I haven’t included the series.


  • 7: Halo Series

Not much needs to be explained when it comes to Halo as anyone that owns an Xbox 360 have probably played all these games. People are well acquainted with Halo’s Masterchief’s struggle against the Covenant. One of the best First-Person Shooters out there boasting an impressive story-line, wonderful graphics and a strong online community Halo is the FPS most other ones strive to be. And hey who doesn’t have a soft spot for Cortana….


  • 6: Mass Effect Series

Mass Effect arrived relatively early on in our consoles lives but it hit with a bang. A third person shooter role-playing game with decisions that you have to make to shape your story set in space. You play Captain Shepard who pretty much over the three games holds the faith of  mankind in his hands. Mass Effect 2 is probably the best game of the series and Mass Effect could have been only for that ending.

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  • 5: Bioshock Series

The Bioshock series could be described as a work of art, albeit a very dark work of art, its beautiful nonetheless. The latest installment, Bioshock Infinite is probably the stronger of the series followed by the original. The stories are told brilliantly and always keep you guessing right up until the end of Infinite which will leave you sitting back in your chair amazed. The game play is brilliant throughout each game utilizing weapons like guns and ratchets to plasmids which you inject yourself with to obtain super human abilities.


  •  4: Uncharted Series

Nathan Drake, an adventurous cool guy goes on the hunt for some lost treasure. Pretty simple plot until everything starts unraveling and he discovers he has stumbled across an artifact which holds more secrets than he can possibly imagine. Enter bad guys trying to stop you from finding the artifact before they do which leads to one of the most entertaining series of games you can play on PS3. With wonderful platforming elements, epic shootouts, gorgeous graphics and great characters you can’t go wrong with these games.


  • 3: Skyrim

Dragons, that’s it. That’s all you need to know about this game. Awesome dragons. Never mind the massive open living world that has been created for you to do whatever you want in. There is almost an infinite amount of things for you to do and places for you to see in Skyrim. I have played for well over 100 hours and I know if I was to turn it on right now I would find something new. There are plenty of awe-inspiring moments throughout the game especially when a dragon arrives overhead and the townspeople panic and leave you to fight off the monster. Then there is the beautiful countryside and the many cities and towns for you to discover. The only complaint you could have about this game is that there are just too many things to do.

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  • 2: GTA V

It isn’t too long ago that GTA V was released but it is already a game of the year contender and in my opinion the best GTA game to be made. The characters are believable, the mission structure is spot on and the story is very entertaining. GTA V does everything you want a GTA game to do and more. The game has the largest GTA map ever but it never seems empty and something is always happening even when your up in the countryside. If that wasn’t enough it has some of the most entertaining online multiplayer you can get in a game. This game could only be beaten by one….


  • 1: The Last of Us

This game is an absolute masterpiece. Never have I played a game and become so engrossed in the characters and the journey they are on. The game starts with a bang and the hits just keep on coming. Graphics wise it is absolutely brilliant which helps convey the feelings of the characters and the emotions of the big scenes through facial expressions. The voice acting is wonderful too. If that wasn’t enough the game play is absolutely brilliant, especially on the harder modes where you really feel like you’re using your instincts and skill to survive.  To me this has to be the number one game of the last generation as I feel it will be a long time again until I play a game that keeps me so hooked in the story and really feel for the characters I was playing as.

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There you have it, my top ten games of last generations consoles. Maybe the consoles weren’t ready to give up with some of their strongest games releasing not too long ago but they might as well go out with a bang. Heres hoping that this generation of gaming brings me even half of the fond memories I share with my PS3 and Xbox 360.