Last-Gen Report Cards: Electronic Arts

What’s up everyone?! I’m Zach from JumpToGamer and welcome to a new piece that I will be doing over the course of the next few weeks. I see this early new generation as a great opportunity to reflect and have a bit of fun. The idea is to take a look at the work of all the major third party publishers this past generation and report back on how I feel they did. I’m receiving some input from others in the grading here and will be going about this as unbiased as possible.

The scoring will be done using the same system JumpToGamer uses to rate games: 1-10  in .5 intervals. We will start each new company’s report card by listing some of their most notable games and then proceed to grade on the average quality of their games, grade on the number of worth while games they pumped out, rate them on any form of controversies they caused or faced last generation (the lower the score the worse their controversies were), and grade them on PR which is the way they’re generally perceived by gamers.

I hope everyone enjoys this piece and shares their own thoughts!

 Electronic Arts

Notable Games: Mirror’s Edge, Burnout: Paradise, Dead Space 1/2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Dragon Age: Origins, Medal of Honor, SimCity, Dante’s Inferno, FIFA, Madden NFL

Game Quality: 8

Game Quantity: 8

Controversies: 5

PR: 5

Overall: 7.5


There may be no other company in the industry that receives as much hate as Electronic Arts. They seem incapable of making a move for better or worse without finding themselves under the intense scrutiny of, well, everyone. This past generation was no different. But at least we got the feeling that EA was TRYING to be better.

Despite the DLC fiascos, rushed titles, layoffs, restructuring, running franchises into the ground, et cetera, et cetera, EA actually produced a lot of great content this past generation. We received some of the finest Need for Speed titles ever, the triumphant return of Battlefield, and plenty of great new IPs like Dead Space, Dragon Age, Mirror’s Edge, and Skate. The company also started up their “EA Partners” program where they made an effort to publish tons of great games in great variety.

Plenty of gamers may despise EA but at the end of the day they’re a gaming company. And they really do produce a lot of great games and I can’t bring myself to hate a company like that. Despite all the negativity, I feel EA had themselves a very solid generation where the good outweighed the bad.