Interview | Korab Podrimaj, Developer of Lonath Online

Welcome guys to the Lonath Online interview with Korab Podrimaj. Korab is the developer of Lonath Online, as well as the founder of 4NetGames. Now, we have all had those moments when we know we want a new game but just cant find what we are looking for, well if that’s you then maybe Lonath online will take your fancy.

After seeing various forums and footage online I knew straight away that despite the fact it’s in a very early stage of development, that this game had potential. Although the graphics and User-Interface will most likely change I did notice that it reminded me of those older and more classic RPG’s we all know and love.

I managed to get in touch and have a small chinwag with Korab, luckily he was very happy to answer my questions I had for him. As I want to follow this up with a more articles the questions were not meant to reveal to much, but will hopefully give you a taste of whats to come.

Anyway that’s enough of that, lets jump into the interview!


Q) What inspired you to create a game Like Lonath Online?

A) “Well I’ve spent my childhood playing MMORPGs and over time I fell in love with them. However, I was not satisfied by simply playing them, I wanted to get more involved. So, I decided to create my own MMORPG”.


Q) In your opinion what makes Lonath Online different from other games?

A) “The thing that makes Lonath Online different is its unique features. There are different classes, different maps, hero customization, players can have their own homes, polymorph system, trade system, animal taming and many more features.”


Q) Why did you go with the Isometric view instead of the more commonly used First-person or Third-person?

A) “I always loved to play top-down based games… personally I think that top-down based games are much more fun to play than third person, and especially when we are talking about a MMORPG I think that First-person view is not the right decision.”


Q) Does Lonath Online have a background story or a lore and does your character have a purpose within the world?

A) “Actually yes, Lonath Online does have a story. The main goal of the character is to gain levels, fight against monsters and other players, create his own house and explore the world.”

Background story: Long ago, an evil magician created a powerful weapon. His goal was to rule the world. However, he was defeated by another magician. This magician broke the weapon into relics and scattered them around Time. He created an ancient organization to protect these relics, and two Artifacts for anyone to travel back in time, if the world is in crisis again. The Guardians of Time are the protectors of these relics. Then, thousands of years later into the future, Nrutas, an orphan, realizes his power. So he finds, and uses one of these artifacts to travel back to the first relic location. The Medieval Era. Within the Kingdom of Atheos. However, the second artifact, is left to the player…



Q) Is Lonath Online set in a completely open-world environment or are your explorations restricted to certain areas?

A) “At the moment there are 4 different maps where players can explore, but in the near future we hope to add many more maps.”


Q) Most MMOs include Quests and levelling as an integral piece of the game is this something Lonath Online will also do?

A) “Yes, there are quests and leveling available to the players. At the moment there are just a few quests. Leveling is based on the class you choose, so, every class will have different levels, but all of them can use Melee and Magic attacks.”

Q) How many people are currently working on this title, what are their roles and what’s it like working at your Game Development Studio?

A) “At the moment Lonath Online is being developed by one man. Korab Podrimaj (me) i’m the developer of Lonath Online. Eren Aydin is also a developer and helps with many features, he is also the developer of RatSpell which is being used to create Lonath Online.
Working at your own Game Development Studio is a very unique feeling and it inspires you to work more.”


Q) One of the coolest and most unique features I think is the housing and being able to have your own home/area. Will this be one of the main features in the game and will there be a lot of customization when it comes to the players homes?

A) “Yes, having your own area is one of the main features in Lonath Online, but at the moment homes/areas are pre-made and no customization is available. In the near future we are thinking about adding a customization feature.”


Q) I really like how the artwork and graphic style remind me of the old classic games, the only difference being the gameplay overall has a much more of a modern feel. Was this just a coincidence or is taking idea’s from some of the classics something you set out to do?

A) “Actually when I started to create Lonath Online, I wanted to offer something different to players. So, I decided to make a classic MMORPG but with some unique features which does give it that modern feel that hopefully players like.”


Q) The game is obviously multiplayer orientated, but will it support offline play?

A) “Lonath Online will be multiplayer only, so we will not support offline mode.”


Q) Now Lonath Online is still in early stages but to someone who is unsure whether or not to try Lonath Online what would you say to persuade them?

A) “There are many unique features that Lonath Online offer, plus the game is totally free-to-play, so it’s worth giving it a try!”

Q) Will this game be 100% free-to-play, will there be a subscription fee or will it be free but include items which can be purchased for real money?

A) “Lonath Online will be a 100% free-to-play MMORPG, but it will include items which can be purchased with real money.”


I hope you enjoy reading the interview and i hope your excited for the game. I think if a game can look this promising this early on then its worth a look. I guess we will have to wait to see, until then checkout the links below and videos online.




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