Konami Preparing Fix for Online Issues with PES 2014 on Xbox 360

Konami have “identified key issues” which are preventing some Xbox 360 users from experiencing PES 2014 online game modes. Konami have stated that they are “currently preparing a solution, with the support of Microsoft”.

One of the issues related to PES 2014 online is that some players are having issues downloading PES 2014 second title update for Xbox 360 which is therefore preventing them from playing the game online.

As soon as a date can be fixed for distribution of a new update, Konami will update users via the press, the PES community, social channels and via the following URL which has already been set-up to report back on the online issue.

If your one of the players who are unable to play PES 2014, Konami have ruled out giving individual cases compenstation for their troubles, instead stating that it will be done on a server wide basis.

“Due to the nature of online gaming, sometimes things happen that may require fixing as to provide the best gaming experience in the long run,” said Konami on a seperate PES 2014 support page. “Compensation is decided on a server wide basis and any decisions will be announced on the server status pages which can be found here: http://www.konami.jp/we/online/

“We cannot provide any further compensation based on individual cases.”

As of yet, there is not currently a time frame as to when this fix will be released to Xbox 360 users.