Killer Is Dead Getting PC Release

One of Suda51′s masterpieces, “Killer Is Dead,” is receiving a PC release later this year, and should give PC users more than a lofty challenge.

“Killer Is Dead” was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and developed by XSeed Games and Kadokawa Games in the U.S. and Japan respectively. The game released for the PS3 and XBox 360 last August and is a different, albeit interesting, take on the hack-and-slash genre.

The “Nightmare Edition” of the game will contain the Smooth Operator Pack which came with the original release and contained x-ray glasses, costumes, and an additional mission for Mondo to undertake. The PC release will also feature a theater mode which lets players re-watch in-game cutscenes and gain extensive background information on the game’s characters, and a “Nightmare” difficulty mode, which can only be assumed as a harder difficulty mode for experienced players.

While no prices has been confirmed, “Killer Is Dead” is set to hit the PC market on May 9.

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