Kenshi – A True Open-World RPG

Kenshi is a unique and innovative free-roaming RPG developed independently by Lo-Fi Games. Unlike some sandbox games, Kenshi focuses on a very open style of gameplay. Players are left to decide how they wish to approach the wide range of activities Kenshi offers them. There is no storyline, or linear setup in the world. Every player can approach the game in a different way.

The world developed by Lo-Fi stretches for over 400 square kilometres, and offers a variety of activities for the player. These range from the regular gear crafting, and researching, to designing and creating your own city. The one thing Kenshi uses to differentiate itself, is that its attempting to make you aim to survive in this simulated world over anything else.


“You’re not great and powerful. You don’t have more ‘hitpoints’ than everyone else… you are not special. Unless you work for it”. Kenshi aims to make you struggle to survive in a large and unfriendly world. You will need to build walls for safety, along with a squad to call your own. Strength in numbers, some may say.

In Kenshi, focus is placed heavily on realistic, and hard survival. There is no level scaling, so starting off will obviously be extremely difficult. This sounds harsh on paper, but the recent success of titles such as the DayZ Mod, show that people love a challenge in terms of risk and survival elements. Kenshi also boasts a realistic injury system. If you hurt your leg, expect to be limping. Did someone gauge one of your eyes out? Well you won’t be using that any more. This not only places strong meaning on keeping your character healthy (and alive), but boosts the usefulness of having a squad around you.

Kenshi really looks to show some promise in providing a very true open-world RPG. It’s heavy focus on squad combat, and the even playing field really helps promote players involving themselves in the world, instead of feeling all-powerful. With a variety of different offerings, including crafting, city building, and free-will exploring, the universe of Kenshi is looking more and more inviting with every update.


You can check out Kenshi on Steam right now, and purchase an Early Access Edition:
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