Just Say Boo - Halloween News Roundup

Just Say Boo – Halloween News Roundup

For all you folks who can’t wait for Halloween to roll around each year, here is the latest news regarding those titles which slot right into the Halloween theme! And if you hate Halloween, Just Say Boo and be done with it!

Resident Evil 5 becomes Capcom’s biggest-selling game

Capcom’s biggest selling game for a long time has been Street Fighter II which so far has shifted 6.3 million copies. So it is fitting that around Halloween Capcom have announced that it has been knocked of it’s throne by none other than Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil 5 released in 2009 and has now sold over 6.5 million units. The rather disappointing Resident Evil 6 is in third place with 5.2 million copies shifted.

Capcom also announced that over 60 of their games have sold more than a million copies, the latest being Monster Hunter 4 which has sold over 3 million units in a few months.


Dead Rising 3 Season Pass included  Four DLC Packs

Capcom have announced that the season pass for Dead Rising 3 will be available for $29.99. The season pass will give players all four DLC packs as and when they are released, equally a saving of 25% over buying each DLC individually.

Operation Broken Eagle will be the first DLC pack, releasing late december and will cost $9.99 if you do not have the season pass. The other DLC packs, Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising and The Last Agent, will release during 2014.

Dead Rising 3 is a Xbox One exclusive and launched November 22 alongside the console.


Eidos Montreal cancels unannounced project

Eidos Montreal, developers of Thief and Deus Ex have cancelled an unannounced project, a source has told Kotaku. However Thief still remains on track to release February 28. A new Deus Ex title is also in development. Two different developer sources have also told Kotaku that the cancelled unannounced project may have been connected to the Japanese branch of Square Enix, with another developer stating it was a completely new IP.

It was suggested earlier this week that that a Final Fantasy game may one day be developed by a team outside of Japan.

Nether is now available to play on Steam

While this is slightly old news, Nether is available to purchase on Steam. Originally, the public weren’t due to be let into the open beta until today, however Nether opened it’s doors on Tuesday. Thankfully, most of the issues which had prevented some people from playing have now been resolved. And if you buy from steam, you get a 10% discount! (The game is considerably cheaper on Steam than on their website at present)

If your looking for a new game to play on Halloween, then Nether should be right up there on your list. An open-world MMO set in a apocalyptic Chicago, you must survive from the Nether, who are a lot more scary than zombies and more of a threat, as well as the other human survivors.


Steam Halloween Sale

If your not going trick or treating tonight and would rather settle down in front of the computer and enjoy some Halloween related games, then the Steam Halloween Sale may be the place to head to. Games such as Left 4 Dead 2 and Telltale’s excellent The Walking Dead are both 75%! Infestation Survivor Stories is also on sale at just £2.74, with all packages 75% off, therefore you can get more gold than you will ever need for a snippet of the price it would normally cost you.

Or why not go the ultimate scare games such as Amnesia and Slender? All are on sale right now!


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