Just Cause 3 domain registered - Avalanche Studios has “very exciting stuff” to show shortly

It has been revealed that publisher Square Enix have registered a Just Cause 3 domain. Twitter user Superannuation, who is also known as an internet detective, tweeted “Square Enix’s corporate domain registrar registered a Just Cause 3 domain this week. Guess we’ll see that at E3.” The domain, justcause3game.com was registered early this week by CSC Corporate Domains who have been used by Square Enix to register domains for them before.

Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg also tweeted recently that the studio has some exciting stuff that it will be be sharing with gamers soon. Speaking on Twitter, he stated, “We have very exciting stuff that we’ll be ready to show shortly. Thank you all for your patience.”

Although this “very exciting stuff” may not even be anything related to Just Cause 3, what with the studio also working on Mad Max along with other unannounced games. However Just Cause 3 is rumoured to be on show at E3 2014 which has further been boosted by this latest news.


Source: *@supererogatory, @CHSundberg