JTG Awards 2013

With 2014 fast approaching, it’s time to take a look back at 2013. A year in gaming which has brought with it the launch of the next-generation, given us epic games such as The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V, but equally provided us with games which didn’t live up to their hype and ultimately disappointed. Oh and 2013 marks our first year in operation, so it’s been a big year all around!

To honor 2013, we are holding the JTG Awards. It’s basically our way of giving recognition to the games, moments and studios which have made 2013 special. However we also want to know your thoughts and opinions and see how much we differ from our readers.

We have 12 categories on offer, each with 4 nominations win that category. As A site we will conduct our own internal voting, as well as allowing you to vote for you winners in each category. Once voting is over, we will reveal the winners of each category, both JumpToGamer’s winners and your winners!

Voting will last until Friday December 13, with the results published on Monday December 16.

Just some harmless fun, so don’t take it to heart if your favourite gaming moment didn’t make it into the top four. In fact you may disagree completely with the nominations, but it is what it is!

How do I vote?

Good question! Simply click Vote Now! below to choose your winner from each category!

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